- Hypnotherapy -

noun - the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique.​

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective way of helping managing many psychological and physical problems. It can help you to change unwanted behaviour and successfully reach your goals. By removing the barriers that hold you back, hypnotherapy can increase your confidence and feelings of well-being.

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully for centuries for self improvement, solving problems and helping relieve medical symptoms such as IBS and chronic pain. It is a simple and enjoyable process that can really make change achievable and improve your life.  Most people who experience Hypnosis find it a pleasant, positive and relaxing experience.

It helps to address wide range of issues such as  losing weight,  smoking or calming exam and presentation nerves. It can also be really effective in reducing the  suffering from stress, anxiety, phobias, fears and low confidence.

For medical conditions it is used as a powerful adjunct to the treatment and relief of conditions such as irritable bowel, pain, supporting IVF treatment and infertility programmes.

More recently Hypnotherapy and self Hypnosis is being taught to mums to help them achieve calm and relaxed childbirth through Hypobirthing.

Hypnotherapy is also used to successfully achieve personal goals such as weight loss, stop smoking or improve performance in public speaking, exams or sport.

Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is nothing like you may have seen on stage or TV; you do not lose consciousness, control or need to disclose any private information about yourself. In fact can be an empowering process that creates lasting change.

Some of the conditions treated with Hypnotherapy

•Weight loss
•Sleep problems
•Stress and anxiety
•Exam nerves
•Fear of Driving
•Fear of flying
•Irritable Bowel Syndrome
•Pain relief
•Nail Biting
•Self confidence issues
•Public speaking
•Phobias and fears
•Sport performance
•Stop smoking
•Emotional problems