Disconnect your mind

Disconnect your mind

It almost seems that as you start the path of self-development, life becomes inherently harder. After reading books on NLP and ‘mind control’ there is an awareness shift of your minds behaviours. I can safely say, in this raw form, this new found attentiveness can lead you down a darker path.

It is easy to find yourself spiralling in on depressive state of mind. This is caused by analysing your thoughts, rather that observing them. The key difference is that observation is taken without emotion, whereas analysing can be somewhat traumatic. This disturbance essentially pushes you backwards on the road to freedom both internally and externally. It dampens your mood and restricts you from the ultimate feeling of joy, as well as stripping you of vital energy needed for life’s obstacle’s. In all honesty, it leaves you questioning whether acquiring additional knowledge of one’s self is of any use at all.

Now comes the turning point. The first step to conditioning the mind is to separate yourself from it. The constant over thinking that almost all of us experience has become what we identify ourselves with, and it has become destructive. You need to truly believe in, and constantly remind yourself, that the voices in your head are not your true self. Our ego, which Eckhart Tolle defines as ‘false self, created by unconscious identification with the mind’ , is the one who is responsible for this ruin. It dwells on the past and dreams of the future, and this is what takes up most of our thought processes.

Now this is easier said than done. But there are some exercises that you can do to aid in the progression of your ability to control these lingering doubts. Start by listening to the voice in your head and really take note of repetitive thoughts and patterns. Be aware that these thoughts are happening, but also be aware that you are hearing them as a separate entity. You can also pick moments in the day where you put effort into concentrating on the present moment. This will take effort and will usually only last a number of minutes, but through  consistency, you can start to appreciate the gaps in the background noise of your mind that you are so used to experiencing. Once you conquer this first step the openings of free mind space become more apparent and you can start to bring back the presence of now into everything you do.

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